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Our HCM software enables you to easily manage HR functions

We have a wide range of business functions that allow for highly flexible, integrated solutions for all of your HR needs. With Nominak‘s software and experience in your industry, we’re ready to help optimize your systems.

Highly flexible HCM solutions

HR doesn’t have to be complicated. With our simple and intuitive interace, tailored systems, and smart self-service features, our HCM software is loaded with features.


Intuitive Interface

Users find our HCM software to be intuitive, sleek, and easy to use.


Custom Tailored Systems

Our tools can be highly tailored to your exact needs to meet your organization’s specific requirements.


Workflow Delegation

Leveraging self service solutions allows managers to focus on different HR tasks. 


Expert Support

We pair you with a payroll expert in your industry to ensure we’re always able to solve even your biggest problems.


Access Anywhere

Our mobile HCM software allows you to execute HR transactions from anywhere.

A few of our wide ranging business functions

Self Service

Empower your employees and managers by enabling them to execute common HR tasks. Managers can easily approve promotions, manage their team, and much more. Employees can view pay slips, edit personal information, or initiate a ‘life event’.


Easily analyze employee and organizational data to make informed decisions through the use of embedded, real-time, multi-dimensional analysis capabilities.

Payroll & HCM integration

Our systems are fully integrated to make viewing data on benefits, time and labor, accounts payable simple, and many more important factors easier than ever.

Workforce Management

Increase retention and improve employee engagement by leveraging our customized systems. Define successful employee attributes and track the achievements of your organizations talent pool.



With over 37 years in business, we’ve worked in just about every industry around. We’ll make sure you’re always business compliant, optimized for saving money, and poised for growth.



You won’t find any call centers here. Every client has a dedicated account representative that’s an expert in your industry. Find out why our customer service is unmatched.



We’re leading the way in how to manage payroll, HR, and so much more. Our cutting edge systems guarantee to solve your organizations biggest challenges.

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