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Payroll Services Designed For Every Business

Our online payroll systems are incredibly powerful and easy to use. We understand that payroll is a basic requirement of any business, whether small, medium, or large corporations. We also know that it is easy to encounter errors when processing payroll and this is why we at Nominak offer payroll services which take into account the correct deductions and leave your employees appreciated the time, effort and energy they have put into work.

Full Payroll Services for organizations of all sizes

We combine our state-of-the-art payroll software with our tax filing services to give you an affordable and accurate payroll solution.

With a wide range of business functions and integrated, customizable solutions, we handle all your payroll needs. Our software can be used in any industry, helping to optimize your systems and processes and keep your business running smoothly.


We'll Handle Taxes

Get back to doing what you’re great at while we handle the tedious stuff. Accuracy and compliance is never an issue with our advanced systems.


Highly Customizable

Our tools can be highly tailored to your exact needs to meet your organization’s specific requirements. No business is too small or too large thanks to our intuitive and customizable service. 


Direct Deposits

Our payroll services have been designed to allow you to choose the perfect payment method for your employees. We fit right into the existing business layout. You can choose to pay your employees with direct deposits, use paychecks, or even cash.


Free Payroll Setup

No time to switch payroll providers? Our experts will quickly and accurately set up your employees in the system as well as import payroll history.


Expert Support

Payroll services are nothing without expert support, so we pair you with a payroll expert in your industry to ensure we’re always able to solve problems big and small with solutions that benefit administration and staff of any size business.


Employee Portal

We contribute to the success of businesses and make sure that their employees have 24/7 access to pay history and payroll information.

Your Full-Service Solution 

As your trusted payroll company, we combine our state-of-the-art payroll software with our tax filing services to give you an affordable and accurate payroll solution. We understand that you deserve only the best services and as such offer you a mobile app solution that allows you to handle all your employee’s payroll solutions from the convenience of your mobile phone.

We stand out from the crowd as your tested and trusted online payroll provider built for small businesses. We offer full-service payroll with customer support and customer-oriented services.

We’ll Handle Taxes Too

Setting ourselves apart from other payroll companies, Nominak promises you a 100% tax filings guarantee. No need to worry about tax forms. We understand that running payroll and accounting for other deductions such as federal state and local taxes can be tedious. With our payroll services, we offer you just the right amount of flexibility, letting you get back to doing what you’re great at while we handle the tedious stuff. Accuracy and compliance is never an issue with our advanced systems.

A few of our wide ranging business functions

Paycheck Calculations

Our systems can do just about everything. For example, we can easily handle things like gross-to-net and net-to-gross pay, support multiple payroll frequencies, and maintain all regulation/processing requirements.


Our systems make fulfilling your federal, state, provincial, and local tax requirements easy. By providing up-to-date tax data, including state and local reciprocity rules, we make sure you’re always compliant. For additional peace of mind, we always send out tax regulation updates.

Payroll & HCM integration

Our systems are fully integrated to make viewing data on benefits, time and labor, accounts payable simple, and many more important factors easier than ever.

Load Payroll Data

You can quickly add payroll data such as time reporting, overtime, commissions and bonuses with our pay sheet software.

Expert Payroll Personnel At Your Disposal

Whatever industry your company may be specialized in, we offer you a team of experts who are familiar with your industry and ensure that payment solutions for you are delivered appropriately. 

Our payroll service expertise spans across several industries including Construction, Manufacturing, Hospitality and Restaurants, Financial Services, Government and Education, Nonprofit, Retail, Oil and Gas, Healthcare, Logistics, IT and several others.

Your company is safe in the hands of our experts as they work around the clock to ensure that you and your employees remain satisfied. 

Accuracy, Compliance, And Peace Of Mind

With our Payroll and PEO services designed just for you, no need to worry about forgotten forms or signatures as all employee’s I-9s and W-2s, and contractor’s 1099s are signed and stored online for easy access. 

Our payroll software has been designed to auto-calculate, taking into consideration employee time and attendance and changing tax laws – including local taxes – to ensure accurate calculations.

With our software, tracking additional expenses like lunches, breaks, and more for your company and employees has become simpler.



With over 37 years in business, we’ve worked in just about every industry around. We’ll make sure you’re always business compliant, optimized for saving money, and poised for growth.



You won’t find any call centers here. Every client has a dedicated account representative that’s an expert in your industry. Find out why our customer service is unmatched.



We’re leading the way in how to manage payroll, HR, and so much more. Our cutting edge systems guarantee to solve your organizations biggest challenges.

It's time to find the perfect solution for your business.

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